Selecting the Right U.S. Visa

Our attorneys are specialists in U.S. immigration and nationality law and assist companies, investors and individuals (including freelancers, artists, athletes and performers) with all matters related to U.S. immigration and nationality law, including

  • nonimmigrant and immigrant visas,
  • employment- and family-based visas,
  • green cards,
  • waivers of inadmissibility and
  • naturalization.

WINHELLER offers worldwide services related to U.S. visas, including

  • consultations regarding starting or purchasing a U.S. business
  • U.S. corporate law
  • U.S. employment law
  • U.S. tax law and
  • related U.S. contract law issues.  

WINHELLER's 5-step visa process

For an overview of which U.S. visa(s) might fit your needs, you can start by reviewing our list of visa categories. Then, during a personal consultation, we can discuss your visa options and help you determine which visa(s) would best serve your individual needs and objectives.

We can also provide you with information regarding the key requirements that must be satisfied to obtain your preferred visa. Once you have selected the right visa, we can help you with the application process in 5 steps.

By working with WINHELLER, you will have the support of professionals who regularly provide businesses and individuals with counsel regarding U.S. immigration and nationality law. You will be able to rest assured that you have selected the best U.S. visa for your business or personal needs and that your application has the best chances for success.

Keys to a successful visa application in the United States

The U.S. government has strict requirements that must be carefully followed to be able to live and work in the U.S.

Visa applications that are not carefully prepared are rejected regularly. Applicants in general – and companies in particular – cannot afford the delays and complications that arise when poorly prepared applications are rejected.

We can help you navigate the thicket of rules and regulations regarding U.S. visas. During a consultation, our experts can help you determine which U.S. visa(s) will meet your or your company’s needs and goals, which requirements must be satisfied and which documents and forms must be submitted to the U.S. Embassy, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), or both.

We can also represent you before the relevant U.S. government agencies and prepare the entire application package for you. 

U.S. visa support wherever you live

Where your business is located or where you live or work does not matter. We regularly assist clients throughout Europe and the world, including companies and individuals located in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the United States and elsewhere.

In addition to in-person consultations (in Germany) WINHELLER also offers telephone and video consultations.

We prepare applications for U.S. visas by following our tried and true 5-Step Ppocess to ensure that your visa application has the best possible chances of success – and so that your U.S. plans (be it a business venture, a new job or a new life with your family) are also a success. 

General requirements for a U.S. visa

Each particular visa has its own unique requirements. But there are a few basic requirements that generally apply across the board:

  • The purpose of the trip must match the visa category. For example, if you apply for an employment visa, you must be able to demonstrate that the primary purpose of your proposed U.S. trip is to engage in work.
  • Unless you are applying for an immigrant visa (a green card), you must show that at the end of your planned activity you intend to return to a foreign residence.
  • You must be able to cover the costs of your trip or show that somebody else will cover those expenses (e.g. your employer).

Our overview of the various U.S. Visa categories provides a summary of the key requirements applicants must satisfy. For example, applicants for an EB-5 green card visa must show that they have made the requisite investment and document the source of funds for their investment. Applicants for an L visa must show, among other things, that they have worked outside of the U.S. for at least one of the past three years for a company related to the U.S. company as a parent, branch, affiliate, or subsidiary. And E-2 visa applicants must show, among other things, that their investment will benefit the U.S. economy.

U.S. employment visas

There is not just one but a variety of visa that are available for temporary employment in the U.S. Which employment visa you or your company select(s) will depend, among other things, on the goals and the nature of the intended U.S. activity, your qualifications and the needs of the U.S. employer.

Depending on your needs and your ability to satisfy the requirements, there may be more than one visa you can apply for. The employment visas individuals and companies most commonly apply for are:

If particular requirements are met, it may also be possible to engage in „work“ by utilizing a special B-1 visa: the so-called B-1 in lieu of H-1B visa. 

We offer flexible solutions and fair pricing options

We take pride in charging fees that are fair and reflect both the work required for each visa application and the quality of our services. We generally charge our fees in accordance with our hourly rates.

Depending on the case and your needs, flat fees may also be possible. Similarly, if your company intends to apply for U.S. visas for a number of employees, we are usually able to offer attractive discounts. Feel free to get in touch for more information.

Beyond visas: comprehensive services for your U.S. expansion

Choosing the right visa is the first step to building a successful U.S. business. But there are many other legal and tax implications, issues and questions to consider and clarify before moving forward with your U.S. expansion. These include:

  • Employment law: Which rules and regulations govern the secondment?
  • Corporate law: Which U.S. legal structure best meets the needs of your business, including limitations on liability?
  • Tax law: How are U.S. dividends taxed outside the U.S.? Who should act as the parent company? Which transfer price rules apply? Which U.S. legal structure is best from a tax perspective?

The new U.S. company will also need standard contracts for various relationships, including those with customers, suppliers and employees. Tax counsel and accounting services should also be arranged.

WINHELLER’s expert attorneys and tax consultants can help you optimize your U.S. project while complying with relevant state and federal laws and regulations. Our customer reviews (mostly German) reflect our reputation as a one-stop shop for U.S visas and related U.S. legal issues.

How to contact us?

If you have questions about a particular visa, our worldwide services, fees or processing times feel free to get in touch with our visa experts by e-mail ( or telephone (+49 69 / 76 75 77 80). You can make an appointment for an in-person, telephonic or video consultation. We look forward to hearing from you. 

For more information on our worldwide U.S. services, please visit our law firm's U.S. Desk.